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Coles Associates was founded in 1959 and has grown into a multi-disciplinary professional firm delivering prime consulting, architectural and engineering services including both architecture and interior design, as well as civil, municipal, structural, mechanical, process, electrical, and transportation engineering as well as project management and construction management. We have established a solid record of performance in delivering consulting architectural and engineering services throughout Canada and around the world. Coles Associates has worked on five continents and in 18 countries, including St Lucia, St Kitts, Antigua and Barbuda, USA, Belize, Argentina, Poland, China, India and South Africa.

Our modern offices, state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge management systems and design philosophy foster a creative work environment. Our team approach is directed toward managing the Client’s investment to deliver the highest quality project within established budgets, project schedule and design parameters. Our approach is directed toward creating client value through analysis, design and project management through all stages of the project.


Meetings Objectives

Mission Objectives:
• To secure additional work in the offshore area, that can be done remotely, providing value added high end consulting services to the offshore companies and an increased client base for Coles Associates;
• To nurture the relationship with existing local partners and to identify new partners;
• To export our knowledge of health care and education facilities; civil and marine based infrastructure (including small craft harbours) and energy efficiency; and
• To engage with both IFIs and project executing agencies to better understand emerging opportunities to contribute our services and expertise.

Sectors of Interest:
As related to our architectural and engineering professional services as laid out on our website.

Target Business Person for Meetings:
• Decision makers, typically, VP of Engineering or President of both existing and potential private sector clients and regionally based partner consulting firms; and
• Permanent Secretaries and equivalents within government ministries and crown agencies.