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Campusknot is a social-learning engagement platform that we designed to give students an active, social, and community learning environment in classrooms and other community training settings. We realized the way modern students exchange information has changed, and the high costs, complexity, and lack of engagement in current technology has made this difficult to adapt to in an academic setting. We are determined to change that.

– Students get a more relatable approach with Campusknot Course Groups. Start discussions with students wherever they are, share content, and hear what they have to say.
– Students can also form their own academic groups to strengthen their sense of belonging to the campus community — Commenting, liking, sharing- modern students love this more natural way of communicating via Groups.
– Attendance has never been easier in the classroom. Taking attendance with Campusknot is not only easy, but also saves time and paper.
– With Live Classroom Polls — a few clicks and you can gain immediate feedback in real-time. Without putting up a show of hands, your classroom is better engaged.
– Our ‘Anonymous Q&A’ feature allows even the most shy students to participate in class. You secretly answer their question while they are happy about remaining unknown to their peers.
– There are a host of other collaborative features like Cloud-based Quizzes, Automated Gradebooks, Document Sharing & Planner that will save you time. 70% of educators are saving 1-4 hours a week by integrating Campusknot with their current Learning Management System.
– Campusknot is designed to mimic existing social platforms so that it’s easy to learn & user-friendly. Implementing Campusknot takes less than a day.

Campusknot is an all-in-one, cost-effective software solution to provide a relatable and effective learning environment for students.


Meetings Objectives

– Connect with academic institutions or businesses that are in need of a community communication/learning environment
– Two-way business partnerships with distributors that have the ability to connect our platform with those that can benefit from its use the most
– Build relationships and connect with those that can lead to the points listed above