SEUS-CP Conference 2016, May 26-28th in Nashville, Tennessee

Business to Business (B2B) Meetings Program

The 9th SEUS-CP Alliance Conference will once again feature a business to business (B2B) meeting program. The conference, set to take place May 26 – 28th in Nashville Tennessee, is seeking B2B participants for its extensive matchmaking sessions between participant companies.

SEUS-CP, the South Eastern United States Canadian Provinces Alliance is a strategic partnership of State and Provincial delegations for the purpose of furthering trade between Canada and the United States. Each year, they invite business leaders from their regions for networking opportunities in a chosen set of sectors. This year’s featured sectors are: Healthcare, Entertainment and Transportation, with a theme of Gaining Competitive Advantage to Sustain Economic Growth.

Registered business delegates to the conference have the option of participating in the B2B Meetings Program at no extra charge. This provides an ideal opportunity for businesses in the target industry sectors to network and to participate in scheduled one to one meetings with delegates from large Anchor companies and fellow SME delegates. Companies, manufacturers, researchers, distributors, agents/brokers, organizations and associations looking to form strategic partnerships are all invited to participate.

Once registered for the conference, you will receive an email from SEUS-CP B2B Admin inviting you to register your meetings preferences, objectives, and a short profile of your company that other delegates may view to request a meeting with you. We will handle the requests and will schedule the meetings for you.

Contact: SEUS-CP B2B Admin, seus-cp@maicanada.ca

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